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A multifaceted entertainer who seamlessly blends the roles of actor, writer, and TV host, Lorenzo has established himself as a dynamic force in the industry. Lorenzo's expertise shines through as a TV host, comedian, and content creator. He has captivated audiences worldwide with his irresistible charm and quick wit. 

Step into Lorenzo Parro's world, where entertainment transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on your heart. Get ready to be enthralled, amused, and moved in ways you never thought possible.


Notably, his show CONFETTI has soared to incredible heights, earning the coveted title of the #1 show on Facebook Watch, each day, over a million players eagerly tune in to join the fun, with a staggering 15.5 million followers. Moreover, his late-night show "Tunite Show con Lorenzo Parro" has garnered acclaim on NBC/Telemundo, while "Krackovia" showcases his comedic talent in the realm of sports, and "Politically Correctness" delivers biting political satire.


His adventurous spirit has led him to cover prestigious events such as the Super Bowl in New York City and the Soccer World Cup in Brazil. With a knack for taking risks and embracing new experiences, he fearlessly delves into the heart of the action.


He's an avid motorcycle rider, skydiver, and tattoo enthusiast, always seeking out exhilarating thrills. His daring nature stems from his days as an ex-frontman of a punk-rock band, where he honed his passion for creative expression.


Lorenzo's magnetic personality is matched by his exceptional linguistic skills. As a multilingual talent, he effortlessly bridges cultural gaps and connects with diverse audiences. Lorenzo always strives to find the perfect balance between beauty and engagement. For him, it's not just about conceptualizing a TV show; it's about crafting a captivating experience and evoking a profound emotional response.

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