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I’ve always wanted to be part of the entertainment industry so I did not stop when they've told me that I was too young to be part of the Circus. I was fourteen back then, so  I've kept trying, years later they've finally let in. 

I ended up being a Clown. Ironically being the funny guy at school had always caused me so much trouble. As a part of the training to be a clown is required being able to express yourself without saying a single word...for a WHOLE year. I'm pretty sure that's why I end up being a great storyteller.

Years later I've found out that what we thought it was funny, it was only an explosive combination product of my dyslexia and color blindness. So all these years we've laughed about something that is practically a disability. Not Funny, Guys!!


”Sure, but what does make me so unique? ”Biologically speaking"...my fingerprints, DNA and tongue print. But also I can read and absorb content about 4-5 times faster than an average Koala.


Oh yes, there’s more, but this Bio might become as long as the list of Kanye West’s songs released, but never heard by anyone.

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Lorenzo Parro